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A Fortunate Accident, the occurrence of events by chance.

Publicity and Promotions

$50.00 per hour

Perhaps one of the most neglected yet most exciting part of participating in  a cause, creating a book, putting on an event,  is the promotional aspect of marketing.The Publicity and Promotions Package will enhance your overall marketing strategy by communicating your brand effectively with clear messaging and communication. Preparation for television as well as radio interviews. Assisting in brand strategy and brainstorming on event(s), brand placement, venues, etc. 

Content Marketing Strategy

$9.99 per campaign list (one month's worth of Facebook Business Page Posts tailored to your specific market).
• Establish a tailored, impactful content marketing strategy for your brand.
• Develop marketing content across various channels, including social media, blogs, emails, articles, artist bios, ad copy, and press releases.
• Research and analyze trends and best practices in digital content creation and distribution, making recommendations to drive results.

Digital Content Writing

Are you a small business with a killer website you know the ins and outs of your business, but can't put it into words. Let me make it easy on you.  Hire me and I'll be your word smith. I'll speak with you over the phone or visit your business and rewrite in your own words your mission statement and catch and generate new clients for your business. $40 per hour. 

Social Media Guru
• Manage both brand's social media profiles and presence, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and additional channels that may be deemed relevant.
• Create shareable content appropriate for specific networks to spread both our brand and our content.
• Run regular social promotions and campaigns and track their success (e.g. Facebook comments engaged, Twitter chats, LinkedIn discussions, etc.).
• Explore new ways to engage and identify new social networks to reach our target buyers. I will make suggestions via consultation.

Please see consultation package below.

Social Media Packages

Start Up Package

Social Media Strategy & Management (up to 2 channels)

Kick-off meeting to discuss overall goals

Serendipity to recommend overall social strategy

Working with your team to craft messaging and images to drive social engagement

Develop paid social media strategy and execute paid campaigns

​Monthly meeting to discuss following month's campaign

Cross promoting on Serendipity Media's channels

8 posts per month

2- hours of creative per month

Cost: $50 per month with a six month contract/commitment

Cookbook Express Package


It's a snap to publish a cookbook with Serendipity. Celebrate your family's cooking traditions

with a family cookbook that is bound to become a family heirloom. Start a fundraising cookbook

for your church or event. Create a keepsake cookbook for a club, cause or organization. Give

the unique cookbooks as a gift or present to employees or customers.


Premier Choice


One on One Author Support via email, phone, in person

Custom Cover Brainstorming Ideas and referrals to experienced graphic designers (cost of designer is included)

E-Book Strategy for Distribution

(Amazon Kindle US, UK, India, Japan,

Canada, Italy, Germany, France,

and Barnes & Noble’s Nook

Apple’s IPAD)

Blog Interview Preparation Tips

Amazon Author Profile Set up and Marketing Strategy

Author Questionnaire to prepare for radio, newspaper, magazine interviews

Press Release for your book

Assistance on how to write an “About the Author”.

Social Media Strategy

·                                 Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube

·                                 Social media automation

·                                 Where to spend your time

·                                 Where to find your target audience

·                                 Social media best practice

Website Assessment and Improvement Strategy

·                                 Search engine optimization tactics

·                                 Keyword strategy development

·                                 Email Marketing Campaign

·                                 Website content development

·                                 Site navigation and suggested improvements


Content Marketing Strategy



Blog development


Finding a Literary Agent

Elements of traditional publishing

Information product revenue

Information Product Marketing

Banners, Book Marks, Book Materials Brainstorming

Video & Images              

Online Marketing Strategy

Building partnerships and strategic alliances


Visibility with traditional media

Visibility with internet-based media


Online events promotions



Express Choice


(Beneficial for  the first time author who needs help getting started)

Assistance with ISBN assignment

Copyrighting advice

Self-publishing verses Traditional Publishing Route

Help writing query letters, book proposals, pitches to media, literary agents.

Consultation and analysis of books’ marketability

Brainstorming on placement of book.

Niche marketing

Business Book plan formation and development (four pages)

Online Radio Interview Preparation and Tips

Blog Interview Topic brainstorming

Amazon Author Profile “How to Set Up, step by step”.

Author Questionnaire

Social Media Set up




Consultation Services Choice

$40 per hour

Assists with book promotions

Press Release Creation

Book Trailer creation and distribution


Market book

Advice and consultation on promotions, marketing, production.

Advertising strategy

 Book plan strategy and write up, similar to a business plan.  

 Website Assessment & Improvement Strategy

Setting up Amazon Author Profile

Setting up Blog Site

E-Book Set up

Social Media Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy