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Good Luck in Making unexpected and fortunate discoveries.

Serendipity is defined as an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by good fortune. I named my publishing, marketing, and promotions firm after my favorite movie, with the same moniker. Call us today to find out how to manifest your dreams into a reality. (559) 449-1970

At Serendipity Media Group, each book that is produced is a fortunate discovery. We publish in the categories: memoirs, young adult and teen fiction, cookbooks, popular culture, inspiration, poetry, and the whimsical.

Buy The Hamburger Tree, by, Maria Pacheco today. Thank you.

Books For Sale (Get Your Valentine Something Unique and Memorable)

The Unofficial Twilight Trivia Book

Bite at Twilight Cookbook: Vampires, Forks, & Knives

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

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